What is Coco’s Trading Post?

Coco’s Trading Post is a modern lifestyle shop. You’ll feel the aloha, through our service, our mission and our product. Our goal is to create a unique collection of island inspired products and an excellent shopping experience.

Coco’s Products-

*A modern take on tried and true cultural styles.

*Personifies the island lifestyle.

*Consciously made, organic, and healthy.

*Curiosities from our travels that speak the island lifestyle.

Coco’s Business Ideals-

*Support local artists.

*Develop a dynamic online platform.

*Use marketing as a supportive tool for our vendors.

*Visually stimulate.

*Ease of use for vendor and shopper.

*A great shopping experience.

*Our vendors drop ship their products directly to the shopper.

To become a Vendor please inquire at info@cocostradingpost.com

What type of products will you find on CTP?

We sell a curated collection of products that are Vintage, Hawaii Vintage, Hawaii Made, Designed in Hawaii, Island Inspired, Collected and Unique, Consciously Made, Organic, Healthy, Responsibly Made, Eco-Friendly, and Recycled.

We travel to far off destinations and other islands for our JOURNAL blog and to bring back product to sell in our MARKET.

We sell products that emulate the Aloha Spirit.

What makes you unique?

*We aim to stimulate our customer emotionally and visually with our product, blogs and photography that depicts living the island life.

*COCO’S TRADING POST JOURNAL peaks into the lives of inspiring people of Hawaii, artists and their products, and our travels.

*Our shoppers are able to live vicariously through our travels with our MARKET which brings our customers goods from around the world.

*Our business model makes us unique as we support artists and vendors in selling their products online.

*Coco’s Trading Posts brings our shoppers a one stop shop, island inspired, online shopping experience.


We wanted our name to have meaning.  Symbolically, the Coconut is a part of the fabric of the Hawaiian culture which has a deep significance to us.  The coconut has qualities we aim to personify.  It is useful, unique, it is male and female, it has spiritual significance, it is versatile, and it’s a little mysterious.  We nicknamed our beloved coconut, and before we knew it, Coco’s Trading Post had her name.


Often called the tree of life, the coconut and can produce drink, fiber, food, fuel, utensils, musical instruments, and much more.



Botanically, the coconut palm is not a tree since there is no bark, no branches, or secondary growth. A coconut palm is a woody perennial monocotyledon with the trunk being the stem.


Male / Female

From a reproductive point of view, a seed has the “baby” plant inside, with two basic parts: the embryo root (hypocotyl) and the embryo leaves (epicotyl).



The Hawaiians believed it pointed to the Gods above.



The coconut is a fruit, a nut and a seed.



Scientists are still baffled as to where the coconut originated. They believe it is from the Old World Indian Archipelago or Polynesia.

Why did you start CTP?

Coco’s Trading Post believes in giving back. We have chosen to give back by offering jobs, job training, and trade skill training to teens from troubled childhoods.  We feel there was a need to help these children build confidence by gaining trade skills and learning to earn money for themselves.

If you are interested in becoming part of our shoppe, please email info@cocostradingpost.com