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Handcrafted Tahitian Tiki Cup- Green

Handcrafted Tahitian Tiki Cup- Green


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Handcrafted Tahitian Tiki Cup- Green

A Handcrafted Tahitian Tiki Cup in this gorgeous green for all you tiki lovers.  Tiki is human-like figure that represents Polynesian demigods, which means deified ancestors who are sublimed after their death. They mainly symbolize protection. Originally from the Marquesas, the Tiki statues are present on most of the Polynesian islands. These sculptures in wood or stone represent Ti’i, ancestor half God, half human who according to legend was the first man. The Tiki is a very powerful icon of Polynesian culture, symbolizing spiritual strength. This tiki cup can be used as a cup, a vase, a pen holder or just to look pretty.  Hand crafted in Tahiti.  Beautiful color on this green ceramic piece. Measurements- 4 1/4 x 2″3/4″d


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