Mamalani Handmade by Hawaiians

Mamalani Kuuipo Love Sprinkle Powder

Mamalani Kuuipo Love Sprinkle Powder



Kuuipo Love Sprinkle Powder

Kuuipo Love Sprinkle Powder is used as a natural deodorant. Go native and use hands under the armpit or any other area of unwanted odor.  This product will last at least 4 months if used once or twice a day. 1oz Ingredients: Baking Soda**, Organic Arrowroot Powder*, Kaolin Clay, Organic Fenugreek Seed Powder*, ‘Olena (Hawaiian Turmeric), Organic Essentials Oils of Clary Sage*, Patchouli* and Lime Peel*.  All organic ingredients are USDA Certified Organic.  **Baking soda is Aluminum-free.  For external use only. Made in Hawaii.


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