Crystal Bracelet - Tiger Eye Stone

Crystal Bracelet - Tiger Eye Stone

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All you have to do to know the spiritual value of tigereye is think of its name. Tigereye promotes clear-eyed vision, helping us see ourselves and the world better. Like the great cat it's named for, this gemstone knows the importance of being attentive to the details. Tigereye is said to combine earth energy with light or sun energy, creating an intense stone that's also well-grounded. Tigereye is said to enhance psychic and empathic energies, while protecting its wearer with an unblinking eye. For that reason it's also commonly used to ease the eyes, through meditation, physical placement on closed lids or other methods. Tigereye is thought to remind you to stop, look and listen before you do any leaping.


Different colors are believed to have slightly different effects. Blue tigereye is thought to alleviate and release stress; gold tigereye is said to encourage attention to detail; finally, some practitioners apply red tigereye to overcome lethargy of the body, mind and/or spirit.

Description By Fire Mountain Gems