Aloha De Mele

Island Vibes Only

All pieces are hand drawn in Hawaii and inspired by its beauty, culture, and people. Ranging from simple silhouettes to complex Lei Po'o, each art piece was created to make a statement, exude good vibes, and the aloha spirit no matter your location.

About The Artist

Aloha! My name is Jenny Ojerio, but everyone calls me JT. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Oahu, was an All-American wrestler, and eventually earned my degrees in Exercise Physiology and Pain Medicine.
While recovering from hip surgery in 2017, I began drawing to pass the time on the couch. Wishing I was home on the beach instead of freezing Chicago, I began sketching little images that reminded me of Hawaii and its warmth. I quickly fell in love with the way drawing made me feel and continued to create pieces with my best friend at my side, my pup Mele. 
I hope my art brings you joy, warmth, and some smooth island vibes like it did me on those cold days in Chicago.
❤️ JT
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