Riana enjoys sharing the beauty of her island home through her art. She hopes to inspires other to fall in love and take action to protect our oceans. She is adamant about protecting our reefs and ecosystems, and her work aims to simultaneously remind us of our beautiful surroundings, and make us think more critically about our own roles in the planet's destruction.

Her art aims to inspire people to be more conscious about their actions, such as using single-use plastics, reef-toxic sunscreens, and other choices that destroy our beautiful oceans. 

Creating art that brings people 's focus to environmental issues is only one part of her artistic vision. The other part of her vision is one of tranquility and bliss, respite and grandeur, to pull people into the serenity and vibrancy of the natural world. Her language is in art, and she communicates the gorgeousness of the world around her through every piece.

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