Robin Appasamy is an established Curator and Multidisciplinary Contemporary Visual artist. Through demand for her work, she launched her professional career. Working alongside architects and designers, creating custom artwork for commercial and residential projects. Her accomplishments include Gallery Representation, Permanent Government Archives with hundreds of her originals resting in private collections. State and Federal Offices have acquired Robin Appasamy Originals. Aspiration for her work expanded into the Retail Industry, Collaborations evolved with Nordstrom, Kit + Ace, Lei Palm and Jules and Gem Hawaii, to name a few. Designing bespoke wallpaper for Luxewalls Australia along with a Showroom Gallery Collection for Val-you Furniture. Robin Appasamy is undeniably a creative to be reckoned with.

Through her Luxury Collection, Robin's work valiantly mergers Fine Art and Gemstone Collecting. Creating collections encrusted with rare and luxurious gems, Robin is a 21st Century Avante Garde. Her Diamond, Carnelian and South Sea Pearl Collections have elevated Luxury resorts Four Seasons, Hilton and Marriott Bonvoy. Specializing in distinguished curated events for the esteemed collector. Art, by its truest definition, means the expression of an emotion, imagination, that blooms from an idea or concept in the artist hands.

In this respect, commercial and fine art don't differ. Drawing inspiration within well designed spaces, more prominently, her work is birthed from inborn talent. With immense audacity, her work daringly breaks through fine art boundaries. Combining a passion for Fine Art, Well Designed Spaces, and Luxury Living, she creates for all dignified and related Fields. When given opportunities to create commission pieces, Robin's work has proven to be unequivocally paired. Fine art work for a well designed life.

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