ua body- Calendula Skin Restorative

ua body- Calendula Skin Restorative

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Soothing calendula cream is ideal for thin, aging crepey skin or stretching skin and scarring.  Our Calendula Cream combines the restorative properties of calendula with the plumping and tightening properties of rose water. Highlighting the natural properties of calendula blossoms, this cream is specifically formulated to help promote the production of collagen and elasticity in the layers of your skin. Combined with fine, natural oils, this cream focuses on hydration, resulting in a smoother, fuller, more supple look and feel to your skin.

How to use: Massage daily into fine, delicate, and crepey skin of arms, legs, and decolletage. May also be used on stretch marks to reduce scarring.

Hawaiian distilled water, calendula blossom infused sweet almond oil, cetearyl olivate and sorbitan olivate (olive oil-based emulsifier), avocado butter, rose water, evening primrose oil, argan oil, kukui oil, aloe vera extract, squalene oil, stearic acid, bergamot essential oil, clary sage essential oil, geranium essential oil, optiphen (paraben-free preservative)